As a Community Developer, Project Manager and Urbanist, for decades I have enjoyed traveling to, working and consulting with many of the amazing cities of this world, from Seattle to Taipei, Bratislava to Johannesburg and Berlin to Amsterdam.
Since the 1980s I have been exploring, working with and living in alternative housing projects, ranging from Community Land Trusts in the United States to a Kibbutz in Israel to Eco-Villages and Cooperatives in Berlin.
My main focus is on urban, international CoHousing Cultures: self-organized, community-oriented, inclusive and sustainable forms of housing. Another special interest is the exploration and development of convivial technologies. It's about being informative, enjoyable, constructive, communicative, creative and most importantly human.
Since 2000 I have had teaching contracts in Berlin with a range of universities including: FU and TU Berlin, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee Raum Strategien, CIEE Future Cities, BTK (DIY + DIT Architecture Summer School) and UW CHID Berlin. My variety of university, research and teaching projects deal with participatory, civil society-initiated, re-developments of urban land and buildings, informal planning, innovative uses of environmental technologies and democratizations of urban planning processes.