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Vote. European CoHousing Workshop.

Abstimmen für die
Europäische CoHousing Werkstatt
@Berlin EXPERIMENTDAYS _____________________

Vote for the European CoHousing Workshop @ Berlin EXPERIMENTDAYS: Collaborating + Communicating + Inspiring ________________________
Community-Led initiatives provide innovative and inclusive responses to the housing crisis, to demographic change and social inequalities in European cities. While housing cooperatives, Land Trusts, CoHousing groups and others are connected through local networks, a coordinated action at the European level is required to strengthen the movement and develop better public policies. This workshop provides a platform of exchange for key actors during the EXPERIMENTDAYS 17 in Berlin_________________________________
Project partners:
UrbaMonde (France)
id22 - institut für kreative Nachhaltigkeit (Germany)
LVCW (Landelijke Vereniging Centraal Wonen) (Netherlands)